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Black River Mission- Specializing in custom Arts & Crafts/Mission furniture to meet today's needs. Our pieces are finished in the traditional ways of the old making them mix very well with the turn of the century pieces.

mission style settle

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Contemporary Stickley Cherry Mantle Clock $150Asheville Arts and Crafts 
Fritz Munman Vancouver BC Stickley Spindle Stand! $525Asheville Arts and Crafts 
Fritz Munman Vancouver BC Stickley Book Stand! $600Asheville Arts and Crafts 
Tiger Rug Pine Cone-Fern $1,400Asheville Arts and Crafts 
Tiger Rug China Tree-Winter $400Asheville Arts and Crafts 
Antique Mission Chandelier $799Asheville Arts and Crafts 
Pair of Mission Hand Hammered Candle Sconces $70Asheville Arts and Crafts 
Mission Tabouret $250Asheville Arts and Crafts 
German Mission Candle Holders - Würtemburg $125Asheville Arts and Crafts 
Mission Arts and Crafts Wall Lantern $175Asheville Arts and Crafts 
Pair Hammered Copper Bookends $85Asheville Arts and Crafts 
Heintz Green Patina Daffodil Vase $400Asheville Arts and Crafts 
Slat Sided Cube Chair Item #635 $1,995Black River Mission 
Gustav Stickley Style Bow Arm Morris Chair $1,895Black River Mission 
Slat Sided Bow Arm (price for chair only) $2,975Black River Mission 
Massive Morris Chair $2,645Black River Mission 
1901 Billiard Chairs $2,495Black River Mission 
1901 V-Back Dining Chair $1,060Black River Mission 
1901 Extension Dining Table $6,250Black River Mission 
Aurora Arts & Crafts Leaded Glass Bookcase $2,135Black River Mission 
Limbert Lines Bookcase $2,350Black River Mission 
1901 Media Center $8,450Black River Mission 
Monk Foot Stool $285Black River Mission 
Lily in the Reeds $455Black River Mission 
Mission Poppy $485Black River Mission 
Mackintosh Rose $425Black River Mission 
Octagon Taboret with Trumpet Stretchers Item #231 $995Black River Mission 
1901 Round Lamp Table with Nipple $925Black River Mission 
Pair of Bungalow Bar Chairs $1,250Black River Mission 
Mission Rose Chandelier $2,250Black River Mission 
Craftsman Panel Desk Item #154 $2,995Black River Mission 
Cherry and Walnut Server $5,275Black River Mission 
Pagoda Cocktail Table with Drawer Price Avail on request Black River Mission 
Oversized Armchair Item #675 $3,175Black River Mission 
Spindle Prairie Settle $4,145Black River Mission 
1901 Executive Desk $6,250Black River Mission 
1901 Dining Server Item #507 $3,250Black River Mission 
1901 Dining Server Item #517 $2,045Black River Mission 
Limbert Lines Pagoda Bed $4,225Black River Mission 
Bungalow Server Item #535 Price Avail on request Black River Mission 
Eastwood Arm Chair $2,625Black River Mission 
Ellis Style Dining Chair $1,060Black River Mission 
Dining Side Chair Item #690 $1,160Black River Mission 
Mackintosh Side Chair $925Black River Mission 
1901 Craftsman Settle Item #605 $3,865Black River Mission 
Bungalow Table Lamp $1,225Black River Mission 
Limbert Lines Desk Lamp $1,525Black River Mission 
Tiffany Parasol in Orange Hue $3,450Black River Mission 
Mackintosh Lantern $1,995Black River Mission 
Tiffany Style Spider Table Lamp $2,495Black River Mission 


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Please note that there are many more pieces on some of our clients' websites, so please visit their websites also.

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